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The mainstay of the collection is the six large diesel pumping engines, all British-built and of early to mid twentieth century design, rescued from Fenland pumping stations. The Mirrlees engine is the original engine installed at Prickwillow in 1924, the remainder have been rescued from other sites.

The large engines are complemented by a collection of small, portable, engines by Lister, Petter and other manufacturers.

These engines are augmented by explanatory boards, photographs, historic maps,  and other exhibits consisting of agricultural implements and artefacts.

An introductory audio-visual presentation provides an insight into the history and management of the Fens.

To the left are buttons linking to the major engine exhibits.

Visit our Education and Research pages to find out about the history of the Fenland drainage system and information on the mechanics of drainage and the workings of  internal combustion engines.

Come and see the large engines in action on Event Days (for details click here).
Mirrlees 5-cylinder Blast Injection.
Vickers Petter 2-cylinder 2-stroke.
W H Allen 3-cylinder 76.5 bhp.
Ruston & Hornsby 36 bhp.
W H Allen 3S60 3-cylinder.
W H Allen T47 4-cylinder 2-stroke.
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